All you need to know about magnetic oil drain plug

We’ll talk about a small but important detail of a car which can protect your engine and save your money.

red magnetic oil drain plug.

To protect the engine of your car will help, not only good and high-quality oil and filter, but also such a small detail, like a magnetic oil drain plug.
Every detail is important in car maintenance. But many relate to them without due attention. For example, a drain plug for engine oil. Indeed, in addition to its main drain function, it can also help protect your car’s engine from premature wear.

magnetic oil drain plug.

In the car engine, there are a lot of rubbing metal parts. And no matter how good the motor oil you use, and how often you would change it, wear of those rubbing parts occurs, which is accompanied by small metal chips. Which, in turn, once in the mating parts of the engine can further increase engine wear. Of course, in order to avoid this, automakers equip their engines with oil filters, in which this is the main task – to clean engine oil from foreign fine particles. But is it always able to completely catch all the chips? Unfortunately, not always.

foreign fine particles in oil

Of course, some automakers have foreseen such development of negative events, and equip the drain plugs of their engines with magnets. Some act differently and place magnets at the bottom of the oil pan. But firstly, not all companies do this, Secondly, for engines with high mileage, these magnets on the pallet are so heavily covered with chips that they no longer have the power to assemble a new one. And just changing the oil with a new one will not help. After all, it is impossible to completely drain, always at the bottom of the pallet will be the remains of old oil with chips. And in this case, you can clean the magnet only by removing the oil pan from the engine. So it turns out that the car owner regularly changes the engine oil, oil filter, maybe even a drain plug, and wear is still increased.

oil pan, drain, plug

An interesting solution to this problem is an oil drain plug with a neodymium magnet. This is a very powerful magnet, which is much stronger than ordinary, household magnets.
You can buy such magnets in popular online stores, the links of which you can find in the description. After doing this, the engine of your car will undoubtedly last you longer … much longer!
And of course, do not forget about the timely replacement of engine oil and the use of only high-quality oil filters!

magnetic oil drain plug sizes

You can buy magnetic oil drain plug M12*1.25, M12*1.75, M14*1.25, M12*P1.5, M16*P1.5, M20*P1.5 below.

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