900+ hp Audi S8 vs 800+ hp BMW M5 F90

DSC OFF compared BMW M5 F90 and Audi S8 +. Audi S8 is more powerful, but the BMW is a bit lighter. Audi also has a water-methanol injection system, which allows it to cool the engine more effectively, especially in hot weather. Watch from 11:30 and...

BMW X5M vs Lamborghini URUS: Comparison & Drag Race

Youtube channel DSC OFF shared a new video where the author of the channel compares the new 2020 BMW X5M Competition F95 and 2020 Lamborghini URUS. For accuracy, the author of the channel measured the power of sports SUVs and measured their weight...

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BMW M8 vs BMW M5

BMW M8 vs M5- Drag race

Carwow reporters compared the dynamics of the BMW M8 and M5 on the runway. Technically, the cars are very similar: that of the M5, that the M8 are equipped with a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 with a capacity (in...

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