the lightest porsche 911

Enthusiast decided to make the world’s lightest Porsche 911

Richard King is the owner of a car service for repairing classic Porsche models in the USA. Some time ago, he acquired a 911 coupe 1968 and decided to make it the lightest Porsche 911 in the world.

Porsche 911

Richard wanted to reduce the weight of the 911 by half – to 595 kg, in order to realize his idea, he came up with a lot of holes in literally every detail of the car. The mechanics from his car repair shop made a hole in the whole body frame, and now it looks more like lace.

Porsche 911

Holes appeared everywhere even on seats, pedals, a steering wheel, a salon mirror mount, wheels, and on the gearbox housing. The enthusiast was not limited to drilling, this Porsche 911 received external fiberglass panels, and custom aluminum and forged parts were installed on the motor and chassis. Even hoses were replaced with lighter counterparts.

The process of building the lightest in the world Porsche 911 is still ongoing, and its result can be monitored on the Instagram workshop of Richard King.

911 1968

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