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Scientists have found that autopilots can provoke drunkenness

Scientists at the Australian University of Curtin in Perth have come to the conclusion that automatically piloted vehicles can indirectly provoke drunkenness.

The results of such an unusual study were published on the pages of the scientific publication “Drug and Alcohol Review”, which specializes in issues related to issues of alcohol and drug use.

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The main conclusion of the study is that the introduction of vehicles with autopilot, on the one hand, will reduce the number of cases of using ordinary cars (without autopilot) in alcohol intoxication, but on the other, it will increase the level of alcohol consumed in general.

The reason is that affordable and convenient transport, where you do not need to drive, can remove the responsibility for drinking from drivers, says University Specialist Curtin Leon Booth.

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Another conclusion of the study – the youngest respondents showed the greatest desire to drink alcohol while driving an autonomous vehicle, in addition, drivers who regularly use a private taxi on call.

This trend is a real challenge for regulators setting the goal of lowering their overall alcohol consumption, experts conclude.

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