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The German government will oblige all gas stations to install electric car chargers

The authorities of many countries are looking for ways to stimulate demand for electric cars. In particular, buyers of such cars can rely on compensation for part of the cost of the electric car or are exempt from paying transport tax. However, often people are in no hurry to switch to electric cars due to an insufficiently developed network of charging stations.

The German authorities undertook to solve this problem. As part of a plan to bring the country’s economy out of the crisis, the implementation of which will cost 130 billion euros, the government will oblige all gas stations to install charging stations for electric vehicles. This step, coupled with an increase in taxes for owners of powerful sports cars and an increase in subsidies for the purchase of an electric car worth up to 40 thousand euros from 3 thousand to 6 thousand euros, should lead to a noticeable increase in demand for environmentally-friendly electric cars.

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The German government also intends to allocate 2.5 billion euros for the production of batteries for electric vehicles and charging stations.

In 97% of cases, the refusal to purchase an electric car is associated with concerns about the power reserve. The decision of Germany can save car owners from these concerns, as they will know that they can charge an electric car at any gas station, said Diego Biasi, co-founder of Quercus Real Assets.

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As of March in Germany, there were 27.7 thousand charging stations for electric vehicles. According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industry (BDEW), for the mass distribution of electric cars in the country, at least 70 thousand conventional charging stations and 7 thousand fast charging stations should operate. At the same time, there are now 14.1 thousand gas stations in Germany.

Note that last year in Germany, electric cars accounted for only 1.8% of new passenger car sales, and in May 2020 this figure was 3.3%.

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