McLaren 720S

This is a must-see – the 1150-horsepower McLaren 720S rushes at a speed of 354 km / h

A video appeared on Youtube channel Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds showing a modified British supercar McLaren 720S. It is unclear what modifications are installed and who their author is. The car was able to cover a distance of 3.7 km with a maximum speed of 353 km / h.

The McLaren 720S is perhaps the fastest production car in the world at the moment. We saw several videos showing how a supercar overcomes 402 meters within 10 seconds. But we did not see how the upgraded version of the same 720S reaches its maximum speed. Have not seen so far.

The 720S modifications presented in the above video are unknown. The exact engine power is also not known, but it is estimated at approximately 1,150 horsepower. According to official data, the maximum speed of the usual 720S performance is 341.11 km/h, but we saw that one of these cars – meaning as standard, without any upgrades, reaches a speed of 345.93 km/h.

Such results can make many of you very surprised. With such an increase in power, shouldn’t the maximum speed be higher? To begin with, it is worth noting that aerodynamics play an important role at these speeds, and it takes a little more energy to move the car a little faster.

There is also an old saying that high power is useless if the wheels do not have sufficient grip. This 720S cannot catch on the starting wheels, and even at speeds above 160.9 km / h, the wheels can slip. So the supercar becomes a victim of its own high power, at least in the first part of the race. Judging by this video, the car could still accelerate further – after overcoming the mark of 353 km / h.

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